A Nice Anniversary Surprise for Our Parents

When my boyfriend and I decided to surprise my parents with a surprise anniversary dinner, we originally thought it was going to just be the four of us. However, my two brothers and their families wanted to join in the fun. Both of my brothers have pretty large families with one having six children and the other having five. That made a total of 19 people getting together for this celebration. My oldest brother said we should look into a limo or party bus. I saw an advert stating to view our site for party buses not long before that, so I decided to go ahead and do just that.

I was really surprised with the buses that I saw. I thought that they would be nice, but I was not prepared for how luxurious they actually are. I was also impressed with how many different sizes there were. We just needed a small one because there were only 19 of us. If we had double that amount, there would still be a bus big enough for us. Continue reading →

A Special Family Night out

My husband and I had the best Christmas last year. Well, it was the best one in nearly 15 years anyway. We have four children, and they have spread out. Our youngest still lives about an hour away, but the other three live hours away. Getting together is easy enough, but it has been years since we have all been together for a happy occasion. Their Christmas gift to their father and myself was everyone arranging a week off at Christmas to come visit. Our gift was going to www.partybustoronto.limo and finding a party bus that would hold the entire gang for a fun night out on the town. Continue reading →